My beautiful bush studio is a peaceful place for clients to zone out and take time out completely for themselves. It is a retreat experience and my appointments are entirely about being one on one with you. My studio space is a reflection of the creative wonderland in my mind, echoing my heart for the natural environment around us.

Together we can quietly spend hours here creating!

The Studio Retreat

I didn’t always have this relaxing and intimate studio space. After working and gaining craft experience in bustling, thriving tattoo studios; eventually both client and artist scrutiny got a bit much for me. Don’t get me wrong … I absolutely adore the vibe of a shared working space with other creators! I often still pop my toes into that water, in other studios both here in Australian and abroad. It’s LOADS of collaborating fun.

As a fierce protector of my own privacy and naturally that of others though, I knew I had to ultimately escape to a place of exclusivity for me and my clients. My studio comes with no interruptions, no judgment and the ability to offer complete privacy.

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This tranquil taste of heaven has been a dream I have been working toward throughout my entire career.

It is a place where the rest of the world fades away, allowing me to focus on the freedom of my creativity.